Damien Hirst - In a Spin, the Action of the World on Things, Volume I) , 2002

Damien Hirst - In a Spin, the Action of the World on Things, Volume I) , 2002

November 8December 23, 2023

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“An involvement with death and decay, and ideas and life: the action of the world on things exists somewhere, and the color exists somewhere else. And it’s fantastic.” —Damien Hirst

In 2002, Damien Hirst, the Young British Artist who shocked the art world with his formaldehyde-suspended creatures, surprised again. "In a Spin, the Action of the World on Things, Volume I" presented a collection of etchings, a testament to Hirst's artistic versatility.

Etching, a traditional printmaking technique, offered a stark contrast to the raw materials and bold gestures of Hirst's signature works. Here, meticulous detail replaced visceral impact. The title itself hints at the series' themes: the world's relentless influence on objects, a concept that resonates throughout Hirst's career.

While specifics of the etchings remain elusive, titles like "Circles in the Sand" suggest a focus on natural forms and impermanence. This limited-edition series offers a glimpse into Hirst's artistic evolution, showcasing his willingness to explore diverse mediums and express himself through the intricate world of printmaking.

Adopting a populist approach to artmaking, Hirst drew inspiration from Blue Peter — the UK children’s television programme that he grew up with — in devising the spin technique. Following his initial experimentation in 1992, Hirst hosted a spin art stall with fellow artist Angus Fairhurst at the street fair ‘A Fete Worse than Death’ in the subsequent year, where members of the public were invited to create their own spin paintings. As he continued to refine the process, Hirst invested in his own spin machine, and substituted rectangular canvases with circular ones, onto which household paints were directly poured from a ladder to accentuate the explosive centrifugal energy.

The works feature 23 "spin" images and a unique spin painting that doubles as the cover for the portfolio.  

Damien Hirst
In a spin, the action of the world on things, volume I
23 etchings with aquatint in colours, 2002, on wove paper, each signed in pencil, from an edition of 68 (numbered on the justification), published by The Paragon Press, London.
The original spun portfolio box with unique spin painting executed in household paint with screenprinted text in gold
Sheet 910 x 705 mm. (each)
Portfolio 970 x 750 x 20 mm.

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