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Katherine Bernhardt

American. b. 1975

Biography of Katherine Bernhardt

Katherine Bernhardt (born 1975) is a contemporary artist known for her energetic and colorful paintings. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, she honed her artistic skills at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the School of Visual Arts in New York.

Bernhardt's signature style explodes with life. Her canvases become vibrant jungles where consumer symbols, tropical creatures, and everyday objects collide in a burst of expressionistic brushstrokes. This visual feast often incorporates elements of abstraction, creating a world that feels both familiar and delightfully chaotic.

Early in her career, Bernhardt garnered recognition for paintings featuring fashion models and pop icons, rendered in a deliberately messy and expressive style. Over time, her work evolved, incorporating influences like Moroccan rug patterns and a wider array of imagery.

Bernhardt's artistic ventures extend beyond the canvas. Playful murals and installations showcase her ability to translate her energetic style into different mediums. Her work has been exhibited worldwide, solidifying her place as a leading voice in contemporary art.

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