• Chinese Soldiers (On Wood), 2006

    Chinese Soldiers (On Wood), 2006

    Shepard Fairey

    Price on request

    Signed and numbered from an edition of 2

    Screenprint on wood

    24 × 18 in

    Chinese Soldiers  is a screen print on wood that depicts a group of Chinese soldiers marching in formation. The soldiers are rendered in black and white, and their faces are obscured by their helmets. The only identifying feature is the red star on their hats, which is a symbol of the Chinese Communist Party.

    The title of the work, Chinese Soldiers, refers to the subject matter of the piece. The soldiers are Chinese soldiers, and they are marching in formation, which suggests that they are part of the Chinese military.

    The work is a powerful statement on human rights in China. The soldiers are faceless and anonymous, which suggests that they are not individuals, but rather cogs in a machine. The red star on their hats is a reminder of the Chinese government's authoritarian control over its citizens.

    Excellent condition.  In artists frame. 

    “Creating is about sharing ideas, sharing aesthetics, sharing what you believe in with other people."

    Shepard Fairey

    Shepard Fairey, a contemporary street artist and graphic designer, was born in 1970 in South Carolina. His artistic journey began with skateboarding culture and its do-it-yourself (DIY) ethos. He created stickers featuring wrestler André the Giant, a recurring motif that would later evolve into his famed "Obey Giant" campaign.