• You’re going to need a better rival , 2017
  • You’re going to need a better rival , 2017
  • You’re going to need a better rival , 2017

    You’re going to need a better rival , 2017

    Chloe Wise

    Price on request

    Signed and numbered by the artist

    Archival Pigment Print

    Edition of 50

    24.00 x 19.00 in 60.96 x 48.26 cm

    Chloe Wise's 2016 solo exhibition at Galerie Division in Montreal explored the thematic connections between food and the female form. The exhibition investigated ideas of desire and mortality through visual connections between these two subjects.

    Wise employed a strategy of subverting traditional and commercially-driven iconography. This approach served to highlight the charged relationship between the female body and culinary representations. The exhibition positioned both food and the female form as symbols of luxury and abundance, while simultaneously acknowledging their inherent impermanence and potential for decay.

    One specific example included the painting "You're going to need a better rival." This work, from which a limited edition print was later created, presented a stark juxtaposition. A solitary hand, depicted in a slender and perhaps suggestive manner, grasped a commonplace can of tomato paste. The background of the painting evoked the desolate landscapes of surrealist artist Magritte. This contrast between the familiar food product and the barren environment challenged viewers to consider the can in a new light, potentially associating it with themes of desire within the unexpected context.

    Through this type of visual manipulation, Wise's exhibition encouraged viewers to move beyond a purely aesthetic experience. Instead, it prompted a more critical examination of the cultural associations surrounding both food and the female form.

    Printed by Exhibition A. Never framed, excellent condition. Comes with COA from Exhibition A. 

    Chloe Wise

    Wise's rise to prominence came in 2014 with her "Bread Bag" series. These sculptures featured realistic bread items like bagels adorned with designer logos, transforming them into handbags. This witty blend of the ordinary and the high-end captured attention, with a friend even sporting one of her creations at a Chanel event.