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Chloe Wise

Canadian b. 1990

Biography of Chloe Wise

Born in Montreal in 1990, Chloe Wise is a Canadian artist currently residing in New York City. Her artistic approach is playful and multifaceted, encompassing sculptures, drawings, video art, and oil paintings. Wise's signature style is a humorous take on still life and figurative works.

Food trends, agriculture, consumer culture, and portrayals of friends and muses are all recurring themes. Her work often sparks conversation by weaving together ideas about image-making, consumption, and the construction of self-identity.

Wise's rise to prominence came in 2014 with her "Bread Bag" series. These sculptures featured realistic bread items like bagels adorned with designer logos, transforming them into handbags. This witty blend of the ordinary and the high-end captured attention, with a friend even sporting one of her creations at a Chanel event.

Wise's artistic influence extends beyond galleries. Collaborations with fashion brands like Études and paintings commissioned by designers showcase her ability to bridge the gap between art and popular culture.

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