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"The past is a springboard for me... Ancient things are new things. Everything lives in the moment; that's the only time it can live, but its influence can go on forever."

American, 1928 -2011

Biography of Cy Twombly

Cy Twombly (1928-2011) was an American artist who rose to prominence in the postwar era, known for his evocative and enigmatic paintings, drawings, and sculptures. Born in Lexington, Virginia, Twombly developed a fascination with mythology, history, and literature early on, which heavily influenced his artistic vision.

Twombly defied easy categorization. His style blended elements of Abstract Expressionism with a strong emphasis on scribbles, mythological references, and poetic inscriptions. His canvases often appear scratched, scraped, and layered with thin washes of paint, creating a sense of history and vulnerability. Twombly frequently incorporated fragments of text, including names, phrases, and even entire poems, often in multiple languages. These elements, combined with his expressive mark-making, invited viewers to decipher personal narratives and hidden meanings within the work.

Twombly spent significant time living and working in Italy, which deeply influenced his artistic sensibility and connection to the Mediterranean artistic tradition. His work resonated internationally, garnering him exhibitions at prestigious institutions worldwide. While initially met with some resistance, Twombly's unique style has become increasingly appreciated, solidifying his position as a major figure in contemporary art.

About Cy Twombly 's Art Market  

Cy Twombly's art market has become a powerhouse, reflecting his growing influence and artistic stature. Following his death in 2011, prices for his work skyrocketed. Major auction houses like Sotheby's and Christie's consistently see his paintings fetch tens of millions of dollars, with the record standing at $70.5 million for "Untitled (New York City)" in 2015.

This surge isn't limited to just top-tier pieces. Drawings, watercolors, and even prints by Twombly see strong demand, with some exceeding $25,000. Interestingly, works on paper make up a significant portion of his auction appearances, offering opportunities for collectors at various price points.

The market for Twombly is geographically diverse. While a majority of sales occur in the US, European collectors actively seek his work, particularly in the UK, Sweden, and Germany. This international interest ensures a constant flow of buyers and contributes to the overall strength of his market. Looking ahead, Twombly's work is expected to remain highly sought-after, solidifying his position as a blue-chip investment for serious art collectors.

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