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"Sorry I painted the word 'twat' on your garage door."

British, b. 1968

Biography of David Shrigley

Born in Macclesfield, England in 1968, David Shrigley is a contemporary artist known for his darkly humorous and often blunt approach. Shrigley's work tackles everyday anxieties and social awkwardness with a healthy dose of irony.

Shrigley utilizes a variety of mediums, including sculpture, drawing, painting, and even inflatable installations. His signature style often features crudely drawn figures and simple text, creating scenarios that are both relatable and absurd. For instance, a sculpture might depict a man with a giant head or a painting could feature the phrase "I am ashamed of myself."

Shrigley's humor is not always lighthearted. He often critiques consumerism, social norms, and existential anxieties. However, there's a sense of playfulness that keeps his work engaging and encourages viewers to confront uncomfortable truths with a laugh. Shrigley's work has garnered international acclaim, making him a leading figure in contemporary art known for his ability to find humor in the bleakest of situations.

About David Shrigley's Art Market  

David Shrigley's art market is experiencing steady growth, characterized by accessibility and strong secondary market sales. Unlike some high-priced contemporary art, Shrigley's work, particularly prints and sculptures, often enters the market at attainable price points, making him a popular choice for new collectors. This accessibility has broadened his fanbase and fueled demand.

Shrigley's sculptures and installations, however, can reach significant figures, especially for unique pieces. Auction sales show a steady increase in value, with some works fetching tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. This trend suggests Shrigley's blue-chip potential, meaning his work is considered a sound investment by some collectors.

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