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FAILE is a New York City-based artistic collaboration, not a single artist. The duo behind the name are Patrick McNeil (American, born 1975) and Patrick Miller (Canadian, born 1976). Though they met as teenagers in Arizona, their artistic partnership began in 1999 after reuniting in New York City.

United by a love of pop culture, multimedia art, and the potential of public spaces, McNeil and Miller (along with Japanese filmmaker Aiko Nakagawa who joined in 2006) built FAILE's reputation. Their work seamlessly blends "high" and "low" art forms, often incorporating collage, stencils, and large-scale murals.

FAILE's vibrant pieces are designed to be interactive, inviting viewers to participate in deciphering their layers of meaning. They've left their artistic mark on cities worldwide, from Tokyo to Berlin, and their work has been featured in solo exhibitions across the globe.

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