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Katherine Bradford

American b. 1942

Biography of Katherine Bradford


Katherine Bradford, an American artist born in 1942, found acclaim for her figurative paintings, particularly those depicting swimmers. Though she began her artistic journey later in life, her work has garnered recognition for its unique blend of representation, abstraction, and symbolism.

Despite a childhood where art wasn't actively encouraged, Bradford's artistic spirit persisted. After raising twins and earning a college degree, she fully embraced her passion. Her paintings, often vibrant and gestural, capture the essence of movement and evoke a sense of both freedom and introspection in the figures.

Bradford's dedication has been rewarded. Respected institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art house her work, and prestigious awards like the Guggenheim Fellowship have acknowledged her talent. Now in her eighties, Bradford continues to create, with a recent solo exhibition in 2023 further solidifying her position as a leading contemporary artist.

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