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American, b. 1979

Biography of RETNA 

Enigmatic street artist Retna, whose real name remains undisclosed, rose to prominence in the early 2000s. Born in Los Angeles, his artistic journey began with graffiti, where he honed his lettering skills. He developed a signature style: bold, dripping letters reminiscent of classic Hollywood signage, often incorporating pop culture references and social commentary.

Retna's rise coincided with the burgeoning Los Angeles street art scene. He gained recognition for his large-scale murals, transforming abandoned buildings and public spaces with his vibrant energy. His work wasn't confined to walls; he also utilized canvases, creating a bridge between street art and the gallery world.

Themes of consumerism, wealth, and the dark side of celebrity culture often permeate Retna's work. His iconic dripping dollar sign motif critiques materialism, while his use of luxury brand logos and pop culture icons challenges societal obsession with these symbols.

Retna's work has garnered international attention, with murals gracing cities worldwide from New York to Tokyo. He's collaborated with major brands and celebrities, blurring the lines between street art and mainstream culture.

Despite his success, Retna maintains an air of mystery, rarely granting interviews and keeping his identity under wraps. This anonymity fuels the intrigue surrounding his art, allowing the powerful imagery to speak for itself. Retna remains a leading figure in contemporary street art, challenging viewers to question the world around them.

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