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  • Adversary (page from Black Book) - CommodityGallery
  • Adversary (page from Black Book) - CommodityGallery

    Adversary (page from Black Book), 1989

    Christopher Wool

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    Screenprint with Ink on smooth wove paper

    From edition of 350

    22¾ by 15⅞ in 578 by 405 mm

    Emerging in the late 1980s, Christopher Wool's Black Book series stands as a pivotal moment in his artistic trajectory. This series of 17 offset lithographs marked a significant departure from the figuration prevalent in his earlier work. Instead, Wool embraced abstraction, utilizing black text stencils and rollers to create stark, layered compositions.

    The black text, often obscured or fragmented, remains a source of intrigue. Some see echoes of pop culture references and advertising slogans, hinting at the influence of mass media. Others find a more personal, graffiti-like quality, reflecting the rawness and energy of the New York art scene in the late 1980s. The act of obscuring the text is central to the series' power. By layering and manipulating the stencils, Wool creates a sense of tension and ambiguity. The viewer is left to decipher the underlying messages, if any exist at all. This emphasis on process and the interplay of chance elements aligns with the artistic movement known as Neo-Expressionism, which challenged the dominance of conceptual art in the previous decade.

    Black Book not only marked a shift in Wool's artistic style but also established him as a key figure in the exploration of text and abstraction within contemporary art. The series' enduring influence can be seen in the work of later generations of artists who continue to push the boundaries of language and form in painting. Black Book has been exhibited by the Guggenheim Museum in New York and The Art Institute of Chicago.

    Adversary (from Black Book) has never been framed and ships flat.

    Sell the house, sell the car, sell the kids'"


    Christopher Wool

    Christopher Wool, a titan of contemporary painting, has carved a unique path through the art world. Born in Chicago in 1955, his artistic journey began with studies under postwar abstract painters. However, the allure of the downtown New York scene in the late 1970s proved irresistible. He immersed himself in the city's vibrant underground film and music scene, briefly flirting with filmmaking before returning to painting with renewed focus.