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  • Authority (page from Black Book) - CommodityGallery
  • Authority (page from Black Book) - CommodityGallery
  • Authority (page from Black Book), 1989

    Authority (page from Black Book), 1989

    Christopher Wool

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    Screenprint with Ink on smooth wove paper

    From edition of 350

    350 22¾ by 15⅞ in 578 by 405 mm

    Christopher Wool's "Authority (page from Black Book)" (1989) is a powerful example of his signature "Black Book" series. This series deconstructs language, transforming everyday words into bold graphic statements.

    Here, the word "Authority" is stenciled in a monumental black font, dominating the stark white canvas. The piece resonates with the legacy of Pop Art, utilizing everyday language but with a distinctly Neo-Expressionist edge.

    The large, impersonal stencil typeface imbues "Authority" with a sense of power and imposition. Is it a declaration of control, a demand for obedience, or a more subtle critique of power structures? The stark black and white composition offers no easy answers, mirroring the complexities of authority itself. Is it a force for order or a potential instrument of oppression? By isolating the word, Wool elevates it from a noun to a a potent symbol, inviting viewers to confront the historical and social weight associated with "Authority."

    Never framed.  This work has been stored in its original portfolio case since printing.  Provenance Sotheby's 

    Sell the house, sell the car, sell the kids'"


    Christopher Wool

    Christopher Wool, a titan of contemporary painting, has carved a unique path through the art world. Born in Chicago in 1955, his artistic journey began with studies under postwar abstract painters. However, the allure of the downtown New York scene in the late 1970s proved irresistible. He immersed himself in the city's vibrant underground film and music scene, briefly flirting with filmmaking before returning to painting with renewed focus.