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  • Extremist (page from Black Book), 1989

    Extremist (page from Black Book), 1989

    Christopher Wool

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    Screenprint with Ink on smooth wove paper

    From edition of 350

    22¾ by 15⅞ in 578 by 405 mm

    Extremist (page from Black Book)" (1989) by Christopher Wool is an enamel on smooth wove paper, measuring approximately 22 ¾ x 15 ¾ inches. It's one of seventeen works from Wool's "Black Book" portfolio, a unique exploration of text as image.

    Wool, known primarily for his large-scale word paintings, utilizes a more intimate format here. The stark simplicity of the piece is central to its impact. A single word, "Extremist," is stenciled in black against a white background. The use of enamel paint creates a slightly uneven texture, adding a subtle layer of rawness to the work. The word "Extremist" carries a powerful connotation. It can refer to political ideologies, religious beliefs, or even artistic movements that push boundaries.

    By presenting the word in isolation, Wool invites the viewer to consider its multifaceted meaning and the potential dangers or innovations associated with extremism. "Extremist (page from Black Book)" exemplifies Wool's interest in the power of language and its ability to provoke thought and reaction. While a seemingly straightforward work, it delves into complex societal issues, making it a thought-provoking example of conceptual art from the late 20th century.

    Never framed. This work has been kept in art storage for the last 20 years.