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  • Comedian (page from Black Book), 1989

    Comedian (page from Black Book), 1989

    Christopher Wool

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    Screenprint with Ink on smooth wove paper

    From edition of 350

    22¾ by 15⅞ in 578 by 405 mm

    "Comedian (page from Black Book)" (1989) by Christopher Wool is a screen print ink on smooth wove paper, measuring approximately 22 ¾ x 15 ¾ inches. It's one of seventeen works from Wool's influential "Black Book" series, known for its exploration of language as a visual element. Here, Wool employs his signature screen printing technique, creating a clean, graphic presentation of the single word "COMEDIAN" in black against a white background. This format echoes the bold typography of advertising and mass media, reflecting a recurring theme in Wool's work.

    The word "Comedian" carries a complex connotation. It can refer to a performer who brings laughter, a social critic using humor to expose uncomfortable truths, or even a detached observer offering ironic commentary on life's absurdity. By isolating the term, Wool invites the viewer to consider the various roles a comedian might play and the potential darkness that can underlie humor.

    "Comedian (page from Black Book)" exemplifies Wool's ability to use language to explore the multifaceted nature of humor and its place in contemporary society. The stark black and white presentation and single word format create a sense of ambiguity, prompting viewers to contemplate the true nature of laughter and the masks we wear in the social sphere.

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