• In The Cloud, 2003
  • In The Cloud, 2003

    In The Cloud, 2003

    Yoshitomo Nara

    Price on request

    Lithograph printed in colors, 2003

    Signed in pencil, dated and numbered from an edition of 150 (total edition includes 29 artist's proofs), on Arches wove paper

    With the blindstamp of the publisher, KIDO Press, Inc., Tokyo


    Yoshitomo Nara's "In the Cloud" (2003) is a lithograph print that embodies his signature style of blending cute and melancholic. The work features a young girl with a large head and piercing blue eyes, standing against a flat, sky-blue background. Her expression is unreadable, a common theme in Nara's work, leaving viewers to contemplate her emotions.

    A single, fluffy cloud floats above the girl's head, hinting at the title's meaning. The cloud could represent her dreams, thoughts, or a sense of isolation. Nara often uses clouds in his work to symbolize a child's inner world and the vastness of their imagination.

    Despite the seemingly simple style, "In the Cloud" evokes a complex mood. The bold outlines and limited color palette create a sense of flatness and detachment. The girl's serious expression and the single cloud add a layer of mystery and quiet contemplation.

    Excellent condition.  Framed to museum standards. 

    "Even if I knew there would be no one out there to look at my work, I would still make the exact same thing."

    Yoshitomo Nara

    Yoshitomo Nara (born 1959) is a prominent Japanese artist known for his captivating paintings and sculptures that feature children as central figures. Born in Hirosaki, Japan, Nara's artistic journey began influenced by both Western music, discovered through American Forces Radio, and traditional Japanese doga illustrations.