• Flowers (Corlett III.46 ), 1973
  • Flowers (Corlett III.46 ), 1973
  • Flowers (Corlett III.46 ), 1973
  • Flowers (Corlett III.46 ), 1973

    Flowers (Corlett III.46 ), 1973

    Roy Lichtenstein

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    Screenprint in colors on wove paper

    Initialed in the screen from an edition of 380

    15 7/10 × 9 4/5 in 40 × 25 cm

    "Flowers (Corlett III.46)" (1973) by Roy Lichtenstein is a screenprint on wove paper, measuring approximately 16 x 10 inches (sheet size) with an image size around 14 ¾ x 8 ¾ inches. This work is part of Lichtenstein's larger exploration of Pop Art, where he appropriated imagery from popular culture and transformed it through a mechanical lens.

    The subject matter, a simple bouquet of flowers, is a departure from Lichtenstein's usual focus on comic strips and advertisements. However, his signature style is evident in the bold outlines, flat colors achieved through benday dots, and the overall graphic quality. These elements create a sense of detachment and irony, blurring the line between the original source material and the artwork itself. The use of benday dots, a printing technique that simulates shading with tiny colored dots, is a hallmark of Lichtenstein's work. Here, the dots create a flat, almost artificial appearance to the flowers, further emphasizing the Pop Art aesthetic.

    "Flowers (Corlett III.46)" exemplifies Lichtenstein's ability to transform everyday imagery into a commentary on mass media and consumerism. By elevating the banal through his artistic process, he invites viewers to consider the mass-produced nature of beauty and imagery in contemporary society.

    Never framed. In excellent condtion.