• Kynance Cove (H13-3), 2023 by Damien Hirst
  • Kynance Cove (H13-3), 2023 by Damien Hirst
  • Kynance Cove (H13-3), 2023 by Damien Hirst

    Kynance Cove (H13-3), 2023 by Damien Hirst

    Damien Hirst

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    Laminated Giclée print on aluminium composite panel

    Hand-signed on the label and numbered. 

    120 x 90 cm

    Edition of 455

    H13-3 Kynance Cove is a giclée print replicating Damien Hirst's 2019 action painting "CP10. Kynance Cove." This piece is part of the acclaimed "Coast Paintings" series, where Hirst explores the dynamism of the British winter coastline through vibrant abstracts.

    Action Painting with a Twist: The "Coast Paintings" series draws inspiration from Abstract Expressionism, particularly the action painting technique pioneered by Jackson Pollock. Like Pollock, Hirst utilizes energetic gestural marks and dripped paint. However, Hirst's paintings are grounded in specific locations, unlike Pollock's often purely abstract works."Kynance Cove" reflects the wild beauty and energy of this real place, with its dramatic colors and forceful brushstrokes.

    A Series Inspired by the Sea: "H13-3 Kynance Cove" is not a standalone print. It's part of a larger narrative within the "Coast Paintings" series. Each piece in the series is named after a British coastal location, creating a cohesive exploration of the winter seaside experience. The use of real-world locations differentiates Hirst's series from pure abstract expressionism.

    Beyond the Coast: The "Where the Land Meets the Sea" series, which also includes "H13-3 Kynance Cove," further highlights Hirst's fascination with the ocean. This broader collection incorporates artworks from his various ocean-inspired series, demonstrating his ongoing exploration of the sea as a source of inspiration.

    Excellent condition.  Purchased directly from the publisher. 

    "I never let money get in the way of an idea."

    Damien Hirst

    Damien Hirst, the enfant terrible of British art, was born in Bristol, England in 1965. His early life wasn't steeped in art, but a formative experience working in a mortuary undoubtedly left a mark. This fascination with death and mortality would become a recurring theme in his work.