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  • Spokesman (Page from Black Book), 1989

    Spokesman (Page from Black Book), 1989

    Christopher Wool

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    Screenprint with Ink on smooth wove paper

    From edition of 350

    22¾ by 15⅞ in 578 by 405 mm

    "Spokesman (page from Black Book)" (1989) by Christopher Wool is an enamel drawing on smooth wove paper, measuring roughly 22 ¾ x 15 ¾ inches. It's part of his influential "Black Book" portfolio, known for its exploration of language as a visual element.

    In contrast to the screen printing technique used in many "Black Book" pieces, Wool utilizes enamel paint here. This allows for a more gestural application, with a subtle unevenness that adds a layer of rawness to the stark black word "SPOKESMAN" against the white background. The term "Spokesman" carries a weight of expectation and potential manipulation. It suggests someone who represents the views of a group or organization, but the act of speaking for others can raise questions of authenticity and control. By isolating the word, Wool prompts the viewer to consider the role of a spokesman. Does it represent a trusted voice, a persuasive figure shaping public opinion, or a mouthpiece for a hidden agenda?

    "Spokesman (page from Black Book)" exemplifies Wool's ability to use language to explore the complexities of communication and power dynamics. The simple black and white presentation, combined with the loaded word choice, creates a powerful and thought-provoking piece of conceptual art.

    Spokesmab (from Black Book) has never been framed and ships flat.