• Swimmers in Fog, 2021
  • Swimmers in Fog, 2021

    Swimmers in Fog, 2021

    Katherine Bradford

    Price on request

    Limited edition of 125 + 12APs + 6PPs, 2021

Archival pigment print on Hahnemuhle museum etching paper

    Signed and numbered by the artist on front

    36.00 x 26.75 in
91.44 x 67.95 cm

    Katherine Bradford's signature style, a masterful blend of gestural brushstrokes and layered washes, creates figures that transcend the physical realm. 

    This archival pigment print blurs the lines between foreground and background, leaving viewers adrift in a world of hazy purples and endless water. The figures themselves are ambiguous, existing somewhere between swimmers and celestial beings. They might be lounging poolside, gliding through the ocean waves, or even gracefully moving through a dreamlike atmosphere.

    Bradford's masterful use of color and light creates a sense of timelessness and boundless space. The hazy purple mist pervades the entire scene, leaving only the ethereal figures and the omnipresent water. The viewer is invited to participate in this dreamlike world, where the only action left is to surrender and swim.

    Printed by Exhibition A. Never framed, excellent condition. Comes with COA from Exhibition A. 

    Katherine Bradford

    Her paintings, often vibrant and gestural, capture the essence of movement and evoke a sense of both freedom and introspection in the figures.

    Bradford's dedication has been rewarded. Respected institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art house her work, and prestigious awards like the Guggenheim Fellowship have acknowledged her talent. Now in her eighties, Bradford continues to create, with a recent solo exhibition in 2023 further solidifying her position as a leading contemporary artist.