• The Currency (I’m here to stay) (Unique print), 2022

    The Currency (I’m here to stay) (Unique print), 2022

    Damien Hirst

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    Signed on the reverse

    Enamel paint, handmade paper, watermark, microdot, hologram, pencil

    7 9/10 × 11 4/5 × 4/5 in 5149 (prints)

    From the Heni Website:

    HENI is delighted to present The Currency, the first NFT collection by Damien Hirst. Reimagining the way NFTs are used, The Currency consists of 10,000 artworks that exist as either NFT or physical artwork, forcing collectors to choose between the two mediums.

    Starting with the creation of the physical artworks in 2016, The Currency is the latest iteration of the iconic Spot Paintings series by Damien Hirst. The artwork explores the boundaries of art and currency—when art changes and becomes a currency, and when currency becomes art.

    Successful applicants initially received the artwork as NFT, and were given one year to decide to keep the NFT or exchange it for the physical artwork. Whichever you chose, the other got burned. The exchange period closed on 27 July 2022 resulting in 4,851 holders deciding to keep the NFT, and 5,149 to keep the physical artwork, for a total of 10,000 artworks in the collection. In September 2022 The Currency Exhibition opened, showing all 10,000 artworks with the 4,851 physical artworks that collectors chose to keep as NFTs being burnt gradually throughout the course of the exhibition.

    The collection is on the Palm blockchain, a token-powered ecosystem for NFTs which has a two-way bridge to Ethereum, and features low gas costs, fast transaction finality, and 99% more energy efficiency than proof of work systemsThroughout the project, holders received several exclusive perks such as an airdrop of Damien Hirst’s second NFT collection, Great Expectations; a private tour of Damien Hirst's London studios; limited-edition merchandise featuring the artworks and community-inspired designs; and the opportunity to burn their own physical artwork at the burning exhibition.

    Excellent condition.  Never framed. 

    "I never let money get in the way of an idea."

    Damien Hirst

    Damien Hirst, the enfant terrible of British art, was born in Bristol, England in 1965. His early life wasn't steeped in art, but a formative experience working in a mortuary undoubtedly left a mark. This fascination with death and mortality would become a recurring theme in his work.