• Untitled (Omaha), 2005

    Untitled (Omaha), 2005

    Yoshitomo Nara

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    Signed by both artists from an edition of 100

    53.5 × 62.5 cm (21⅛ × 24⅝ in.)

    Unlike his usual paintings, Yoshitomo Nara's "Untitled (Omaha)" (2005) is actually a lithograph, a type of print. It departs from his vibrant canvases, featuring a single child against a simpler background.

    Nara's signature style is still present. The young subject, likely a boy, has the large, expressive eyes characteristic of his work. Their emotional state remains ambiguous – perhaps a hint of defiance or introspection. The artwork utilizes bold lines and flat colors, reminiscent of manga or cartoons.

    This collaborative piece with fellow artist Hiroshi Sugito offers a more subdued exploration of childhood. While details about Omaha's connection to the work are unknown, it might reflect a sense of youthful displacement or a contemplation of a specific place. "Untitled (Omaha)" retains Nara's captivating portrayal of youth, but with a quieter, more contemplative mood.

    Excellent condition.  

    "Even if I knew there would be no one out there to look at my work, I would still make the exact same thing."

    Yoshitomo Nara

    Yoshitomo Nara (born 1959) is a prominent Japanese artist known for his captivating paintings and sculptures that feature children as central figures. Born in Hirosaki, Japan, Nara's artistic journey began influenced by both Western music, discovered through American Forces Radio, and traditional Japanese doga illustrations.