• What Party (Red), 2020
  • What Party (Red), 2020

    What Party (Red), 2020


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    Edition of 100 + 20 AP

    Signed and numbered KAWS
    22 x 22 inches


    What Party (Red), 2020 is a screen print from the Kaws portfolio What Party published in 2020.  

    Excellent condition. Comes with frame. 

    "My first interest in graffitti came when I was in grammar school, around '87 or '88 I was about twelve years old. I didn't know much about writing, I just knew that I liked to write my name everywhere I could in my neighborhood."



    Shrouded in mystery, KAWS (born Brian Donnelly in 1974, Jersey City, USA) is a street artist and designer who rose to fame through his playful subversion of pop culture icons. His artistic journey began on the streets, where he honed his skills under the tag KAWS. He targeted advertising billboards, hijacking familiar imagery with his signature characters.