• Eastern Realm (Grey), 2014
  • Eastern Realm (Grey), 2014
  • Eastern Realm (Grey), 2014

    Eastern Realm (Grey), 2014


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    8 color hand-pulled screenprint

From edition of 60

    18 x 24 inches

    Eastern Realm (Grey)" (2014) by RETNA is a hand-pulled screen print on wove paper, measuring 18 x 24 inches. It belongs to a series of the same name released in 2014, also offered in a "Gold" edition.

    This work exemplifies RETNA's signature style, characterized by dense compositions of his own invented script. The script draws inspiration from various sources, including Egyptian hieroglyphics, Arabic and Hebrew calligraphy, Gothic blackletter, and graffiti. This visual language, both indecipherable and strangely familiar, creates a sense of mystery and intrigue. The densely packed lettering often obscures the background, making the work visually impactful from a distance.

    "Eastern Realm (Grey)" utilizes a grey colorway, which is more typical of RETNA's palette. The grey creates a starker, more industrial feel compared to the gold version. It's possible this color choice reflects a different facet of the "Eastern Realm" the title suggests.

    The edition size of "Eastern Realm (Grey)" is 60, each print signed and numbered by the artist. While not as widely known as some of RETNA's large-scale murals, the screen print series offers a collectible and accessible entry point into his artistic vision.


    Framed to museum standards.


    Retna developed a signature style: bold, dripping letters reminiscent of classic Hollywood signage, often incorporating pop culture references and social commentary.